SMNY fosters social change through an immersive celebration of spiritual music. We strive to bring members of diverse cultural and faith traditions together to forge concrete, ongoing relationships that will engender an authentic sense of unity within the diversity of the New York metropolitan area.

What is Sacred Music?

"While some people may think of sacred music as narrowly relating only to God or religion, at SMNY, we see things a little differently. Human beings throughout history have been creating music to express the deepest yearnings of their hearts to the source of meaning in their lives, and we intend to celebrate sacred music in all its glorious diversity. That's why at SMNY, you'll find styles as diverse as Christian worship rock and mystical Sufi chant alongside Haitian Vodou drum ceremonies and New Age meditation music. The possibilities are endless."

Organizing Principles

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    Focus on sacred music

    SMNY’s sole focus is to present music that exists to draw its listeners into direct relationship with a transcendent source of meaning in their lives. A rich tapestry of varied styles and genres, including that which is commonly termed “religious” and beyond, may be presented within that framework.

  • Connector.

    Foster Multifaith Collaboration

    Events will be co-curated by communities of different faith or cultural traditions. This has a two-fold purpose: 1) to catalyze the relationship-building process from the outset; 2) to bolster joint marketing efforts to ensure the success of each individual program.

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    Focus on Shared Cultural Programming

    SMNY is committed to promoting musical, educational and cultural programs that adhere to the ideals conveyed in our mission statement and endorses no particular set of religious or political beliefs.

Who We Are

We are Christian, Jewish and Muslim. We are Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist. We are tribal, native and just plain “spiritual.” We are religious and secular. We are faith leaders and lay leaders, musicians and singers, dignitaries and diplomats, celebrities and unsung citizens of NYC who are committed to the world-changing power of sacred music.

Staff & Volunteers